SD Europe Fund

The SD Europe Fund provides members of the organisation with the experiential and financial support to lead their own projects.

Update: SD Europe Fund project activities have been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic until it is safe to resume.

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The objective of the fund is to enable the members of the SD Europe network to establish their own projects that further develop supporter involvement. 

The SD Europe fund is good news for the entire network. It allows the redistribution of funds straight to our members, to impact at the national and local level. The funded projects will help fans to gain more influence – whether at club or national level. – Antonia Hagemann, SD Europe CEO

The first cycle of the SD Europe Fund sees the distribution of €12,000 to its members; €9,000 to fund three nation-wide projects and €3,000 to fund three projects with exchange visits of member-run clubs within the network. The SD Europe Fund will continue perpetually in cycles giving all members the opportunity to apply for support to their projects.

The fund’s purpose is to empower SD Europe members to forge their own projects, whilst SD Europe provides support to the organisations and football clubs throughout acting as a steady hand on the wheel.

The fund is the latest activity demonstrating SD Europe‘s commitment to supporting domestic & international activities of national supporters organisations & member-run clubs.

Each project chosen was constructed with SD Europe’s four principles in mind:

Democracy, Cooperation, Solidarity & Sustainability

2020 Projects

The six inaugural projects selected to benefit from the SD Europe Project are below.


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