SD Europe Fund: Unsere Kurve

‘Conference Of National Supporters Organisations/Konferenz Bundesweiter Fanorganisationen’


Who is involved in the project?

Unsere Kurve, is a cross-club association of organised football fans in Germany, in other words, a national supporters organisation. They are the largest advocacy group for active football fans in Germany, and are committed to maintaining fan culture, freedom for fans and advocate for the 50+1 rule. The organisation was officially founded in Bielefeld, Germany in 2005. 

Unsere Kurve pride themselves on developing formal, constructive dialogue with clubs, the DFL, the DFB, UEFA and political decision-makers around the football landscape, working specifically on the interests, ideas and goals of the active football supporter. 

What are the project’s activities?

This project will see the formation of the first-ever congress for national supporters groups in Germany. Previously, the groups worked independently from each other in their specific areas. The congress will be a great opportunity to improve the dialogue between each fan organisation and their united representation to the DFB (German Football Association) and DFL (German Football League).

During the congress, the organisations will be attempting to build an informal network of national supporters organisations, to identify and differentiate the common main topics for German football supporters. 

What are the anticipated outcomes and impact at national and local/club level?

The formation and furthering of the relationships between national fan organisations will lead to the development of strategic goals to improve the involvement of supporters within national football associations and local clubs. 

After the congress the members of the supporters organisations, and hopefully football authorities, will be able to implement a way forward to address the common goals confronting the changes happening to German supporters and fan culture.


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