Our Principles

At SD Europe, we want to get more football clubs into supporter ownership, to get more institutions to take actions towards supporter involvement and fan dialogue and to improve solidarity between the top and grassroots levels of football.

Democracy, Cooperation, Solidarity & Sustainability

SD Europe believes that supporters are at the heart of the game. We exist to give supporters a credible voice because they have a crucial role to play in the sustainable development of football.

These principles were decided upon and voted to be adopted by SD Europe’s membership during the organisation’s Annual General Meeting in February 2020.

Our work is founded on and driven by our organisational principles.



Fans, as active European citizens, football’s unions, who represent our communities, need to be recognised as the solution to many of the obstacles that face football…

Supporters need to be participating in decision-making at club level but need to also be involved in the relevant discussions at European and national level.

Only by involving the fans through transparent democratic structures can a social reboot of football be possible.


  • Fan dialogue, fan participation and fan ownership need to be implemented comprehensively to ensure the long-term well-being of Europe’s football clubs.
  • Governing bodies need to include these key devices as regulations for clubs to play in their competitions.
  • In some circumstances, majority fan ownership is not possible. In these instances, a minority shareholding in football clubs owned by an independent democratic fan organisation should be the minimum expectation accompanied by rights such as board representation, guaranteeing accountability from owners.

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