Supporter liaison provides a vital function for FAs and their national teams as it does for clubs, but how does the role differ?

For the second interview in a three part series with SD Europe Head of SLO Training Lena Gustafson-Wiberg, after delving into returning to football at club level, the focus shifts to supporter liaison officers working with national teams.

In addition to working as Djurgårdens IF’s SLO, Lena has also worked with the Swedish FA since 2018 as the one of…

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The 19/20 season will live long in the memory as one dominated by a global foe which brought the football world grinding to an abrupt halt creating a great deal of uncertainty and damage.

Yet many member-run/fan-owned clubs and supporters organisations have experienced successes on and off the pitch this season which deserves to be recognised and celebrated, particularly given the challenging climate.

Football clubs and supporters organisations from across the continent demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their causes, their communities and…

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Equality, Women’s Football & 10 years of Community-Ownership at Lewes FC

Last week, English side Lewes FC reached the incredible milestone of 10 years’ in community-ownership. To mark the occasion, SD Europe spoke to the football club’s Chair Stuart Fuller and the FSA’s Richard Irving to dig deeper into this remarkable achievement. 

Stuart Fuller has been involved with Lewes FC since it’s transformation, whilst Richard Irving, the Football Supporters’ Association’s Community-Owned Clubs Network Manager is an ardent Lewes supporter. 

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SD Europe Head of Training and Djurgårdens IF SLO Lena Gustafson-Wiberg speaks about returning to football in Sweden. 

In the first of a three-part series of interviews, we spoke to our very own Head of SLO Training, Lena Gustafson-Wiberg, who also happens to be the supporter liaison officer for Djurgårdens IF and the Swedish national team, about her experience as the Allsvenskan commences without fans present. Lena has been working as an SLO for over eight years.

In Sweden, unlike most of…

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SD Europe has been working with its members and stakeholders to examine and explore the specific areas demanding action and relief for reform in European football long before the Covid-19 pandemic emphasised the need by laying bare the deep-rooted vulnerabilities of the game…

The recent appeal to German football governing bodies by Unsere Kurve (see below) harmonises with SD Europe’s focus on football reforms and presented us with a springboard to introduce our work and that of our members to change…

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Danish Superliga side Brøndby IF recently took a significant stride forwards in bringing more fans back into football stadiums.

On 21st June 2020, some 2,500 fans were allowed to attend Brøndby IF’s Danish Superliga derby match against FC Copenhagen. The football club was selected by the Danish government to trial new measures which permitted more spectators to safely attend, with Brøndby’s supporter liaison officer Johan Reiler playing a significant role in preparations for the game. 

Credit: Robert Hendel

The Dainish government had originally…

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As some of you might already have heard, SD Europe has teamed up with UEFA in taking further steps for the Supporter Liaison Officer role in European football.

Tony Ernst, whilst Chairman of SFSU, shakes hands with Lars-Christer Olsson, Chairman of SEF (The Swedish League) after signing an agreement to formalise dialogue between the two organisations (2012).

From 2020 and onward, the SLO training, led by SD Europe, is now part of the UEFA Academy. A big and bold move that’s bound…

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For May, we bring a “special” edition of the SLO of the Month. Usually, we speak to a football club’s Supporter Liaison Officer. However, this month, we spoke to Maël Garde Provansal, the SLO Coordinator at the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), bringing a football league’s experience of fan liaison to the series for the first time. 

Below offers a deep insight into the SLO Coordinator role at the LFP and the French SLO journey which has seen almost all 40…

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The #FansVsCovid19 initiative continues with another in focus look at what football fans across Europe and further are doing to support their communities through the pandemic. 

You can view the Fans Vs Covid-19 map here.

In this feature, we look at Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem FC, and its efforts to help the people of Israel’s capital. Last month, we spoke to SD Europe Board Member and Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem FC Chair, Daphne Goldschmidt to find out what the club has been working on.


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Inline with our carbon offsetting partnership with Atmosfair, SD Europe’s air travel data for January to March 2020 has been submitted to be offset.

Re-cap: what is carbon offsetting?

In carrying out SD Europe’s work, carbon emissions are created as an unavoidable consequence of air travelThrough the partnership, Atmosfair, a not for profit organisation supported by the German Federal Environment Agency, will gather SD Europe’s air travel data and calculate the total carbon emissions createdSD Europe will then use Atmosfair to contribute…

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