Clubs and Supporters for Better Governance in Football: training events

Three training events were organised to tie into the project’s themes: Good Governance (June 13-15, 2016), Sustainable Governance (November 25-26, 2016) and Member & Volunteer Engagement (June 16-18, 2017).

Each event was facilitated by one of the project partners and focused on identifying both best practice and practical improvements that partners can implement within their own organisations, or which could be investigated further by SD Europe on behalf of the partnership.

Good Governance training event: Manchester, UK

The project’s first training event was held at Broadhurst Park, the home of FC United of Manchester. It focused on how governance can be properly established and maintained within democratic organisations, specifically member-run clubs and supporters’ organisations.

Report: https://sdeurope.eu/successful-governance-workshop-held-manchester/

Sustainable Finance workshop: Malmö, Sweden

The project’s second training event took place at the Swedbank Stadion, home of Malmö FF in Sweden. Good financial practices are at the heart of every sustainable business, and football clubs and national supporters’ organisation are no different.

Report: https://sdeurope.eu/second-erasmus-workshop-brings-focus-finance/

Member & Volunteer engagement workshop: Gelsenkirchen, Germany

The home of one of the biggest members-run clubs in the world, FC Schalke 04, hosted the third and final training event. Participants heard a variety of presentations, discussions and contributions from across Europe, the US and Africa.

Report: https://sdeurope.eu/membership-agenda-schalke-04-host-latest-erasmus-workshop/

Additional project meetings

In addition to the training events, two physical project meetings were organised and held during the lifetime of the project.

Launch meeting, London (21 – 23 March, 2016)

Report: https://sdeurope.eu/clubs-supporters-better-governance-football-launches/

Final project meeting, Dublin (18 – 19 November, 2017)

Report: https://sdeurope.eu/csgbif-erasmus-partners-gather-one-final-time/


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