Kick-off!, SD Europe’s new E+ funded project to start in January 2021, uses an innovative approach to understand, explain and improve the relationships between national fans organisations and national football associations: “couple therapy”.

The aim of Kick-off! is to help national supporters organisations and football associations Kick-off! and maintain a long-term, positive and structural relationship with each other and develop shared visions for a better football.

For the next two years, Kick-off! will address the factors that affect the relationship between the…

‘Project Big Picture’ is a proposal fronted by the owners of Manchester United and Liverpool which essentially would consolidate power to the ‘big six’ football clubs in the Premier League.

The proposal may have been rejected by the Premier League clubs yesterday, but urgent questions surrounding governance, long-term sustainability and solidarity throughout the English pyramid persist.

The latest developments in English football have shown that it is more important than ever for the stakeholders to work together to save the game –…

John F. Kennedy of the Friends of the Rebel Army Society (FORAS), Cork City FC and the ISN (the Irish Supporters Network) passed away recently.

John was a person that if you met him you would remember him. His passion was Cork City Football Club and his motto was City Til I Die, and Beyond. He lived in a Cork city suburb called Mahon, but his heart was always in his hometown in West Cork – Skibbereen.

John was all about the…

Supporter liaison provides a vital function for FAs and their national teams as it does for clubs, but how does the role differ?

For the second interview in a three part series with SD Europe Head of SLO Training Lena Gustafson-Wiberg, after delving into returning to football at club level, the focus shifts to supporter liaison officers working with national teams.

In addition to working as Djurgårdens IF’s SLO, Lena has also worked with the Swedish FA since 2018 as the one of…

The 19/20 season will live long in the memory as one dominated by a global foe which brought the football world grinding to an abrupt halt creating a great deal of uncertainty and damage.

Yet many member-run/fan-owned clubs and supporters organisations have experienced successes on and off the pitch this season which deserves to be recognised and celebrated, particularly given the challenging climate.

Football clubs and supporters organisations from across the continent demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their causes, their communities and…

Our Mission

SD Europe

SD Europe’s mission is to increase supporter involvement in the running of football clubs and football institutions, and to promote solidarity across all levels of football.

Active in over 50 countries across Europe, SD Europe represents grassroots and national supporters organisations, as well as amateur and professional member-run football clubs. The organisation also supports the implementation of the supporter liaison officer (SLO) licensing requirement on behalf of UEFA, and has observer status on the Standing Committee of the European Convention on Spectator Violence.

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