Project Aims

What difference will Fans Matter! make?

Fans who want to be or are involved in the decision making process at their clubs need to be properly equipped to be aware of and face up to the specific challenges member-run and fan-owned clubs encounter.

Project Contents

Fans Matter! will:

  1. improve the capacity and professional management of member-run clubs, particularly on the non-elite, lower league and amateur levels
  2. improve the operational capacity and professional management of football supporters who are or want to be involved in the running of their football clubs
  3. improve the support national supporter organisations and national football associations provide to their members
  4. improve the relationships between member-run clubs, supporters and the authorities and establish channels for long-term cooperation and joint educational programmes 
  5. gather feedback and research to further develop educational support to clubs, supporters and associations
  6. developing long-term national action plans, which will establish a schedule of workshops that is based on the outcomes and learnings of this project and is delivered jointly by national supporters organisations and football associations
  7. contribute towards achieving a more sustainable and responsible management of European football, with benefits for both society and the economy within and beyond the industry
  8. contribute towards the EU goal of promoting and ensuring a culture of good governance in sport
  9. develop a network between member-run clubs in Europe, Israel and Africa 


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